Wedding Cake Love

Ah the love of wedding cakes, or in my case the obsession with wedding cakes. I’m having an issue deciding which wedding cakes I like the most. Each one I’ve seen has been beautiful in its own way, even if it is a VERY unique way. Lately, I’ve been harboring a little bit more cake love for the ones that show off a little bit of personality.

Here are my current 3 favorite quirky wedding cakes:

The above cake is so cool. I just adore the fact that it looks like it could topple at any moment. I’m not a huge fan of the pink and white, would love a version of this with blue though. Photo by Shelley Panzarella.

A Mario and Princess Peach cake…need I say more? This one speaks to the gaming nerd who resides within my heart. Photo by Eric__I_E.

I have a dear friend who loves owls, and this cake is something that she would love! The cake topper is too adorable. Photo by trec_lit.

Another thing that has made my wedding love list? Dessert bars. And what would a dessert bar be without some ice cream. Seriously who doesn’t love a little ice cream with their cake. I want to get a hand crank White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer for the kids to make their own ice cream at my wedding. Would love to hear from anyone who did something similar to this at their weddings.

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Wedding Centerpieces

I’m in love with the idea of buckets as wedding centerpieces. I’m on a quest for wedding bucket ideas. So I thought I’d share my favorite 3 with you here.

Martha Stewart has a nautical bucket centerpiece:


My Shabby Soul has a Christmas Bucket centerpiece with candles that would also look great as a wedding centerpiece:


Charisma Design has a great idea for using buckets as floral centerpieces/table numbers:


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Wedding Gifts and Registries

Sometimes I wish that you didn’t have to fill out a gift registry. It is really difficult to think of things that future hubby and I could use or need that are in a large enough variety of price ranges that someone doesn’t feel like they have to overspend in order to get us something. I’ve tried the whole, just help us decorate and bring a dish to the wedding, but no everyone wants to know what to get us for a gift and helping us just won’t satisfy some people so I’ve registered at a few places. FH and I decided that we definitely need a new clock. I prefer Westclox, but I kinda want one of the clocks that you can add photos to, but I don’t know if that would look tacky or not.

What do some of you fabulous home decorators out there think about the photo frame clocks?

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Bucket Planters for Wedding Flowers

I know flowers for weddings can be SUPER expensive no matter how thrifty you try to be in getting the cost down. I’m sure someone has already posted this idea somewhere, but I think I’ll post it here just because I want to try this out. I’m still debating on colors for my own wedding, but at the moment I’m debating red, black, and white (ask me tomorrow and it’ll probably be electric blue, brown, and some form of pale green. LOL.)

So, how cute would it be to take some red buckets and tie a black ribbon around them and use them as planters to grow some white flowers? Hmm..but what kind of white flowers…

White impatiens would be pretty. And in a bucket this color:

With that black ribbon around it? Aw that would be awsome.

So to use a bucket for a planter you want to be sure it has holes drilled into the bottom of it, about an inch gravel or rocks in the bottom and then place the dirt on top of that. That way your plants can drain and  you don’t suffocate the roots with too much water.

I think the ribbon should not be added until closer to the wedding day, just use a little hot glue and pretty bow on your red bucket and you’d be good to go.

And after the wedding? Well you can give these away as favors to your Bridesmaids, Guests of Honor, or whatnot, or you can take them home and have a great yard ornament to remind you of your special day. How cute would it be to have a couple of these planters on either side of your front door?

Has anyone tried this or seen anything like this done for a wedding? And if so where I can see pics of how it turned out? LOL. I always like to see how things look before actually attempting them myself.

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Table Numbers – Mason Jars

I found the neatest thing on . I just love reading other people’s ideas, blogs, crafts, etc. for weddings. It never ceases to amaze me all the different ordinary every day objects that can be prettied up enough to be a star decoration piece in a wedding.  And there are so many posts online about these. It is going to be hard to narrow down all my options when my own wedding day gets here.

There weren’t any instructions on the blog for making these canning jar table numbers, but it seems like it would be simple enough, so I’m going to write out the steps that I would take in making these.

Wedding Table Number from Mason JarMaterials needed:
Variety of different sized mason jars.
Paint, or paint pen
If using paint you’ll need a paint brush
Clear coat spray
Number Stencils
Fabric in your color choice
String, twine, or thin ribbon in another color choice.


Using the stencils, paint numbers on your jars. Let them dry. Spray with clear coat (this will help keep the numbers from flaking as glass is hard to get paint to stay on). Fill each jar with sand. If you still have the lids, I recommend putting them on before doing the next step.

Cut the fabric into circles or squares that are big enough to cover the top of the jar with room enough to tie them off. Place fabric over the top of the jar and tie it on with your string or ribbon. Your table numbers are now complete!

See, that doesn’t sound very hard, and it is a lot cheaper than some of the other options for table numbers out there!

What other DIY ideas have you come across for making table numbers for wedding tables?

Source for jars:

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Fish in a jar Centerpiece

Saw the most adorable thing that someone on a xanga blog has done with her fish:

This gave me a fairly neat idea. I know some people love to do themed weddings, well what about if you had a beach themed wedding, how cute would it be to have fish in jars as your centerpieces, and what a neat favor to give to people to take home. (Of course I think this favor should be reserved for those who played a bigger part in your wedding, as there will only be so many centerpieces). I bet there are a lot of different types of jars that this would work with, and beta fish or fancy guppies would be great (they come in so many colors that you could coordinate them with your wedding).

If you do try this you might want to only put 1 fish per jar if you are using betas unless you know 100% that they are all females b/c beta males will fight to the death, and well, that wouldn’t be very appetizing or nice as a wedding centerpiece.

I think these would work with the clear glass cookie jars, canning jars, and maybe even larger glass milk bottles, I guess it all depends on the size and needs of the fish.

What do you think about this idea? Is it one that you would try?

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Milk Bottle Vases

I thought it would be really neat to use an idea that would allow you to recycle stuff in order to have a beautiful wedding. (Great idea for the pocketbook AND the environment, win win). However, for those of you who would prefer a milk bottle that starts out clean there are some out there that can be ordered. (some people worry about a sour milk smell, but if you clean the used bottles really well, this is usually not a problem).

I was browsing when I came across someone who had recycled the Starbucks Frappacino bottles into vases. These bottles are very much a classic  milk bottle shape. And since I drink so many of them, I might start saving them and see if there is a craft that I could do for my wedding with them. What a great way to recycle right?

She painted the milk bottles white and painted on some cute little words to see the step by step go to:

Adorable don’t you think?  These would also be great if they were  painted up and worded for various holiday parties, etc. I love versatile crafts! What kind of recyclables crafts have you seen at weddings or other get togethers that looked really nice/classy?

Milk Bottle source:

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Canning Jars as Wedding Decor

I have found the neatest little project over at: gotta love stumbling.

This nifty little DIY craft would work great for a wedding (thinking about a way to work these into my wedding as we speak), but it would also be fun to do this craft for a garden party, or just to decorate your backyard for an intimate outdoor dining session for two.

I love as they have so many neat ideas. If you decide to try out  this project I also found the perfect Web site to get some jars to use. has a lot of canning jars to choose from at I think that if I try this project the size jar I will get is the wide mouth pints.

I wish that I had enough old jars to do this without buying any new, but there are so many things that you can do with canning jars that I feel it wouldn’t be a waste to buy some for this project as I could easily reuse them for something else later on.  What a neat effect it would be if you had all kinds of different sized, shaped, and colored jars. Oh I would love to see some pics of this done by someone who did that. Bet it would be beautiful.  Especially those old blue/green jars that I remember seeing my grandmother use.

For the instructions on how to make these just visit the link in the first sentence of my blog.

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Wedding Centerpiece Idea

I’ve been on a wedding kick lately, since my boyfriend (now fiance) recently proposed.  I’ve come across so many ideas that I would love to incorporate into my wedding. And I’m a D.I.Y. gal so I’m going to share a few of the ideas that I find interesting on here.  Even if they aren’t going to be ones that I use.  But I figure my blog would be a good place to kind of keep a collection of links, ideas, projects, etc.  So, onto the centerpiece:

How does this:
Off White Bucket

Become this?
Sucker Bucket Centerpeice







Well, first you will need to start off with a white bucket (or whichever color you prefer), you will need some suckers with fairly long sticks, some floral Styrofoam, something to cut the styrofoam with, and some confetti, faux moss, or something else to cover your styrofoam so that it doesn’t show when your project is done.

(if you want the outside of the bucket decorated, you might want to do this step first.)

Cut the styrofoam so that it fits snugly in the bottom of your bucket.  Then place your suckers in a way that you feel that it looks best.  Next, use your confetti, (or product of choice) to cover the styrofoam so that it does not show.

You now have a completed centerpiece.  That wasn’t very hard was it?

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Valentine’s Day Craft: Be Mine Garland

Valentine’s Day Craft: Be Mine Garland.

I found a great blog with how to make a garland for Valentine’s day. I made this but I also added some small metal craft bells ( in between the words, and hung it in my archway going between my living room and dining room, whenever the front door opens and a breeze comes through I get a little music to go with my decor.

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