Buckets for Love

If you have not already got a good Valentine’s gift made for your loved one then you should think about a decorative gift bucket filled with goodies they will love.  I found a place online that sells decorative buckets for all occasions and even has buckets that are great for different personalities and interests.  They are all 2 quarts and include a handle. These buckets also can come with a clear plastic lid!  These metal pails (http://www.bucket-outlet.com/Galvanized-Buckets.htm) are made from lithograph galvanized metal.  You can fill them with candy, dried or plastic flowers, etc.!  I think these buckets are great for making gift buckets, decorations for the holidays and they are functional!

For my guy I filled the bottom of the bucket with those soap rose petals (bath for two later). Then I put in Hershey’s kisses (wrapped of course, don’t want soap flavor mixing in, blech) and I also put in a new DVD and Xbox game (my guy is a gamer, and trust me this is the most romantic thing I could’ve gotten him.  LOL.

But you can use these neat buckets just like you would a gift basket, but I think a bucket is more useful once the goodies out of it are gone.

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