Milk Bottle Vases

I thought it would be really neat to use an idea that would allow you to recycle stuff in order to have a beautiful wedding. (Great idea for the pocketbook AND the environment, win win). However, for those of you who would prefer a milk bottle that starts out clean there are some out there that can be ordered. (some people worry about a sour milk smell, but if you clean the used bottles really well, this is usually not a problem).

I was browsing when I came across someone who had recycled the Starbucks Frappacino bottles into vases. These bottles are very much a classic  milk bottle shape. And since I drink so many of them, I might start saving them and see if there is a craft that I could do for my wedding with them. What a great way to recycle right?

She painted the milk bottles white and painted on some cute little words to see the step by step go to:

Adorable don’t you think?  These would also be great if they were  painted up and worded for various holiday parties, etc. I love versatile crafts! What kind of recyclables crafts have you seen at weddings or other get togethers that looked really nice/classy?

Milk Bottle source:

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