Fish in a jar Centerpiece

Saw the most adorable thing that someone on a xanga blog has done with her fish:

This gave me a fairly neat idea. I know some people love to do themed weddings, well what about if you had a beach themed wedding, how cute would it be to have fish in jars as your centerpieces, and what a neat favor to give to people to take home. (Of course I think this favor should be reserved for those who played a bigger part in your wedding, as there will only be so many centerpieces). I bet there are a lot of different types of jars that this would work with, and beta fish or fancy guppies would be great (they come in so many colors that you could coordinate them with your wedding).

If you do try this you might want to only put 1 fish per jar if you are using betas unless you know 100% that they are all females b/c beta males will fight to the death, and well, that wouldn’t be very appetizing or nice as a wedding centerpiece.

I think these would work with the clear glass cookie jars, canning jars, and maybe even larger glass milk bottles, I guess it all depends on the size and needs of the fish.

What do you think about this idea? Is it one that you would try?

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