Canning Jars as Wedding Decor

I have found the neatest little project over at: gotta love stumbling.

This nifty little DIY craft would work great for a wedding (thinking about a way to work these into my wedding as we speak), but it would also be fun to do this craft for a garden party, or just to decorate your backyard for an intimate outdoor dining session for two.

I love as they have so many neat ideas. If you decide to try out  this project I also found the perfect Web site to get some jars to use. has a lot of canning jars to choose from at I think that if I try this project the size jar I will get is the wide mouth pints.

I wish that I had enough old jars to do this without buying any new, but there are so many things that you can do with canning jars that I feel it wouldn’t be a waste to buy some for this project as I could easily reuse them for something else later on.  What a neat effect it would be if you had all kinds of different sized, shaped, and colored jars. Oh I would love to see some pics of this done by someone who did that. Bet it would be beautiful.  Especially those old blue/green jars that I remember seeing my grandmother use.

For the instructions on how to make these just visit the link in the first sentence of my blog.

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