Bucket Planters for Wedding Flowers

I know flowers for weddings can be SUPER expensive no matter how thrifty you try to be in getting the cost down. I’m sure someone has already posted this idea somewhere, but I think I’ll post it here just because I want to try this out. I’m still debating on colors for my own wedding, but at the moment I’m debating red, black, and white (ask me tomorrow and it’ll probably be electric blue, brown, and some form of pale green. LOL.)

So, how cute would it be to take some red buckets and tie a black ribbon around them and use them as planters to grow some white flowers? Hmm..but what kind of white flowers…

White impatiens would be pretty. And in a bucket this color:

With that black ribbon around it? Aw that would be awsome.

So to use a bucket for a planter you want to be sure it has holes drilled into the bottom of it, about an inch gravel or rocks in the bottom and then place the dirt on top of that. That way your plants can drain and  you don’t suffocate the roots with too much water.

I think the ribbon should not be added until closer to the wedding day, just use a little hot glue and pretty bow on your red bucket and you’d be good to go.

And after the wedding? Well you can give these away as favors to your Bridesmaids, Guests of Honor, or whatnot, or you can take them home and have a great yard ornament to remind you of your special day. How cute would it be to have a couple of these planters on either side of your front door?

Has anyone tried this or seen anything like this done for a wedding? And if so where I can see pics of how it turned out? LOL. I always like to see how things look before actually attempting them myself.

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