Table Numbers – Mason Jars

I found the neatest thing on . I just love reading other people’s ideas, blogs, crafts, etc. for weddings. It never ceases to amaze me all the different ordinary every day objects that can be prettied up enough to be a star decoration piece in a wedding.  And there are so many posts online about these. It is going to be hard to narrow down all my options when my own wedding day gets here.

There weren’t any instructions on the blog for making these canning jar table numbers, but it seems like it would be simple enough, so I’m going to write out the steps that I would take in making these.

Wedding Table Number from Mason JarMaterials needed:
Variety of different sized mason jars.
Paint, or paint pen
If using paint you’ll need a paint brush
Clear coat spray
Number Stencils
Fabric in your color choice
String, twine, or thin ribbon in another color choice.


Using the stencils, paint numbers on your jars. Let them dry. Spray with clear coat (this will help keep the numbers from flaking as glass is hard to get paint to stay on). Fill each jar with sand. If you still have the lids, I recommend putting them on before doing the next step.

Cut the fabric into circles or squares that are big enough to cover the top of the jar with room enough to tie them off. Place fabric over the top of the jar and tie it on with your string or ribbon. Your table numbers are now complete!

See, that doesn’t sound very hard, and it is a lot cheaper than some of the other options for table numbers out there!

What other DIY ideas have you come across for making table numbers for wedding tables?

Source for jars:

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