Wedding Centerpiece Idea

I’ve been on a wedding kick lately, since my boyfriend (now fiance) recently proposed.  I’ve come across so many ideas that I would love to incorporate into my wedding. And I’m a D.I.Y. gal so I’m going to share a few of the ideas that I find interesting on here.  Even if they aren’t going to be ones that I use.  But I figure my blog would be a good place to kind of keep a collection of links, ideas, projects, etc.  So, onto the centerpiece:

How does this:
Off White Bucket

Become this?
Sucker Bucket Centerpeice







Well, first you will need to start off with a white bucket (or whichever color you prefer), you will need some suckers with fairly long sticks, some floral Styrofoam, something to cut the styrofoam with, and some confetti, faux moss, or something else to cover your styrofoam so that it doesn’t show when your project is done.

(if you want the outside of the bucket decorated, you might want to do this step first.)

Cut the styrofoam so that it fits snugly in the bottom of your bucket.  Then place your suckers in a way that you feel that it looks best.  Next, use your confetti, (or product of choice) to cover the styrofoam so that it does not show.

You now have a completed centerpiece.  That wasn’t very hard was it?

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