Wedding Cake Love

Ah the love of wedding cakes, or in my case the obsession with wedding cakes. I’m having an issue deciding which wedding cakes I like the most. Each one I’ve seen has been beautiful in its own way, even if it is a VERY unique way. Lately, I’ve been harboring a little bit more cake love for the ones that show off a little bit of personality.

Here are my current 3 favorite quirky wedding cakes:

The above cake is so cool. I just adore the fact that it looks like it could topple at any moment. I’m not a huge fan of the pink and white, would love a version of this with blue though. Photo by Shelley Panzarella.

A Mario and Princess Peach cake…need I say more? This one speaks to the gaming nerd who resides within my heart. Photo by Eric__I_E.

I have a dear friend who loves owls, and this cake is something that she would love! The cake topper is too adorable. Photo by trec_lit.

Another thing that has made my wedding love list? Dessert bars. And what would a dessert bar be without some ice cream. Seriously who doesn’t love a little ice cream with their cake. I want to get a hand crank White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer for the kids to make their own ice cream at my wedding. Would love to hear from anyone who did something similar to this at their weddings.

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